About GAMANprod

photo2249297561899870135GAMANprod. is an independent film production company founded by Samuel Sebastian in 2014 and based in Valencia (Spain).  The company is mainly focused on international coproductions of feature films. Its first feature film, The long night of imagination have won some international awards, such as Best feature in the MEDFF, Syracuse, Italy and 12 months FF, Cluj, Romania.

Recently, we have worked on several international productions such as Panamanian documentary  Panamá Al Brown: Cuando el puño se abre (2017) by Carlos Aguilar, American production about Katrina’s disaster Da Parish (2016) by Lila French and Lizzie Prestel and the Brit–Spanish coproduction about Brexit, UK immigrants in Spain: The forgotten voices by Gemma Middleton (co-produced with His Girl Friday films).

Since 2018, we have strengthen a continuous and solid line of social film productions such as documentaries Kidnapping Tibet by Juanma Chavarrias, We Queer Roma: Valencia by László Farkas, The flowers you take by Claudia Estrada, Mujica: Miracle of life by Samuel Sebastian and next  Samuel Sebastian and Clara Martí’s long feature Dystopia.



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