KIDNAPPING TIBET (premiere, 2018)

KIDNAPPING TIBET (Teaser, English Subs) from GAMANprod on Vimeo.


The conflict in Tibet has become paralyzed. No one pays attention to what is going on in that country, while China develops a slow but inexorable annexation process. Currently, the Chinese population in Tibet surpasses the Tibetans, who are losing their social rights, traditions, culture and identity. Is this a conflict that only concerns to China and Tibet?

The only lawsuit against the Chinese government for genocide was launched in Spain,but a rapid legal change prevented it from succeeding. So, who is kidnapping Tibet? And, why?

In this journey through Tibet, we will discover the stories of those Tibetans who remain in their country of origin and those who will never be allowed to return to their homeland…

DIRECTOR    Juanma Chavarrías

COMPANY OF PRODUCTION    GAMANprod, Juanma Chavarrías

PRODUCERS       Juanma Chavarrías, Samuel Sebastian

SCREENPLAY     Juanma Chavarrías, Quique Sánchez, Samuel Sebastian

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