A minimalist black-and-white film in which an African woman wanders around the city of Valencia during the celebration of the Falles, a festivity full of music, noises, firecrackers, – She does some ritualistic activities every day such as washing in a fountain, sit down in a corner and tries to keep distance from the crowd. Nevertheless she feels amazed with the nocturne lights and some brief moments as when she sees a puppeteer. When she comes home -a tent made of plastic under a bridge-, she finds Bella, a Latin transsexual who helps her to overcome that situation, but the situation is hard for both: Bella has been expelled from the public hostel she lived and she has not choice to work as a prostitute and the African woman -to whom Bella calls «Spain»- does not have any cent and does not understand Spanish neither so even though the communication between them is so difficult, they try to understand each other.

DIRECTOR      Samuel Sebastian

WRITER    Samuel Sebastian


PRODUCERS      Clara Martí, Samuel Sebastian


STATUS  Pre-production

DUR.  77min.

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