THE UTOPIST (pre-production)

Captura de pantalla 2018-10-18 a las 21.29.04

Several sub-Saharan corpses are shown up on the beach … People take photos of them as if they were an attraction, but the Utopist (35), a brave, silent and enigmatic African woman, reaches them to check if they are alive. Also, she takes some photos and videos and uploads them to social networks, where she gets all kind of comments, some encouraging her but most of them are obscene and humiliating.

Shortly after that, the utopist is arrested and sent to a social hostel, actually an internment center for foreigners. There she meets Mayah (20), an Eastern Europe refugee with whom she becomes good friends. While the utopist wants to leave the center, Mayah resigns herself and prefers to remain there.


DIRECTOR    Samuel Sebastian


PRODUCERS       Samuel Sebastian

SCREENPLAY     Samuel Sebastian

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